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Bill wins The Biggest Loser 4 but his twin brother Jim lost more weight

The winner of The Biggest Loser 4 was not, alas, the biggest loser, but because the show is about strategy and not entirely weight loss, Bill Germanakos won $250,000 after losing 164 pounds and 49.10 percent of his body weight. His twin brother Jim, however, lost 51.52 percent of his body weight.

For having lost the most weight among the eliminate competitors, Jim received 100,000 dollars that were–like everything else during this sell-out, product-whoring season–sponsored. All of the finalists weighed in during the finale, and as always, the contestants today barely resemble the people who appeared in the first episode; instead, they look like cousins, maybe, of their former selves. (It doesn’t hurt that their fat pictures are washed out and feature them in drab clothing.) If there was a prize for the person who looks absolutely nothing like their former self, Jez would have been the winner.

This season started with one-third of the group of contestants being rejected and then trained by Jillian, who returned to the series. Incredibly, that team survived to the end, eliminating both Bob and Kim’s teams. Those eliminations were infused with more strategizing and game play than ever before, with even the trainers getting involved; Neil actually gained 17 pounds intentionally just for game purposes.

The other big loser in the finale was the show’s new host, Alison Sweeney, who might be a good soap star, but is a pretty awkward and awful host, especially live. Two hours of shouting does not constitute hosting.

Anyway, here’s the breakdown of the contestants’ weight loss (finalists are underlined):

  • Jim: 361 to 175, 186 pounds lost, 51.52%
  • Neil: 421 to 210, 211 pounds lost, 50.12%
  • Bill: 334 to 170, 164 pounds lost, 49.10%
  • Julie: 218 to 121, 97 pounds lost, 44.50%
  • Jez: 345 to 195, 150 pounds lost, 43.48%
  • Kae: 225 to 128, 97 pounds lost, 43.11%
  • Amy: 297 to 171, 126 pounds lost, 42.42%
  • Hollie: 255 to 150, 105 pounds lost, 41.18%
  • David: 378 to 228, 140 pounds lost, 38.04%
  • Isabeau: 298 to 185, 113 pounds lost, 37.92%
  • Nicole: 279 to 174, 105 pounds lost, 37.63%
  • Jerry: 297 to 186, 110 pounds lost, 37.04%
  • Phil: 403 to 258, 145 pounds lost, 35.98%
  • Ryan: 374 to 241, 133 pounds lost, 35.56%
  • Bryan: 346 to 224, 122 pounds lost, 35.26%
  • Amber: 295 to 211, 84 pounds lost, 28.47%
  • Patty: 280 to 216, 64 pounds lost, 22.86%
  • Lezlye: 255 to 200, 55 pounds lost, 21.57%

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