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New York selects Tailor Made but rejects his proposal

I Love New York 2 limped through its finale last night as New York selected Tailor Made, aka George Weisgerber, but rejected his marriage proposal. “Yeah, he spit on somebody, yeah, he got bitch-slapped, but so what? He did exactly what it took to win my heart, and that’s why Tailor Made is my king,” she said.

Tailor Made–whose tendency to speak in full, complex sentences makes it seem like he wrote his lines on index cards that he glanced at before speaking them as precisely as possible–said, “It’s been a long journey, but it’s been all worth it, because in the end, I found the girl of my dreams.” They are a good match, as she gained fame for being spit on, and he gained fame for spitting on another contestant.

Tailor Made, one of the men initially picked by New York’s mother (aka Sister Patterson), is also married. His divorce wasn’t filed until after the show was taped and won’t be completed until 2009 (2008?), reports.

New York knows that, as after he proposed she said, “Oh shit, how can I marry you? You’re still married.” Later, she rejected his proposal, saying, “in 24 months, I’d love to marry you.” Still, she cited the proposal as the reason for selecting him, saying “it shows me that you are willing and ready to make the biggest commitment that a person can make to another person.”

Yes, he’s so committed that he’s still married. And she’s so adept at identifying commitment, and is so committed to the idea of commitment, that this is her fourth reality show attempt at finding love. This relationship ought to last until at least the Jan. 6 reunion.

Exclusive: Tailor Made – Winner of I Love New York is Still Married []

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