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Carrie Underwood needs friends, roommate, security to protect her from fans

Carrie Underwood, the winner of American Idol 4, can go to Target in the middle of the day, but is afraid of returning to her alma mater, and says she has a roommate now because she felt unsafe enough to call the police several times while living alone. She reveals these things and more in an interview with Glamour.

Regarding a return to Northeastern State University, she says, “I’m probably going to go back for homecoming. It’s scary, though; I’m kind of afraid of other girls. [Laughs.] Um, I don’t really get the warmest of receptions when I go back. I know somebody could come up and try to clock me, just to say they did it.” She insists someone might “Hit me, hurt me,” and so, as a result, “When I go back, I call some big guy friends and say, ‘Will you protect me? I want to go to the club tonight and I don’t want to go alone.'”

She says she can actually understand the reception some people have toward her. “Not to make excuses for anybody, but I was pretty much shoved down their throats the whole time I was on Idol. It was like ‘Carrie Mania’ in Oklahoma. I’d be sick of me too,” she says.

As to her new Nashville home, Carrie said that it’s not just her living there anymore. “I did live alone for a long time, but now I have a roommate, a college friend who works with me. It got scary living by myself, actually. I had to call the police a couple of times for different reasons,” she said.

But although she feels unsafe at home, she does “do things as a completely normal person. If I want to go to the mall, I go to the mall–I don’t have to have security with me. But when that stuff started to happen at home, I thought, Alright, this isn’t safe for me anymore.”

Carrie Underwood [Glamour]

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