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Target of Dog’s racist rant says she’ll sue for slander

The girlfriend of Duane “Dog” Chapman’s son, who was the subject of Dog’s racism-laced phone call, says she plans to sue him for slander.

In his apology for using racist language, Dog said, “I was disappointed in his [son’s] choice of a friend, not due to her race, but her character.” In his phone call, Dog said that he was “not going to take a chance ever in life of losing everything I’ve worked for for 30 years because some fucking n—- heard us say ‘n—-‘ and turned us into the Enquirer magazine.” Ironically, it was Dog’s son Tucker who sold the tape of the phone call to the tabloid.

“I’m going to sue Dog Chapman. … I want justice. He has slandered me, stated that I have bad character and repeatedly lied about me on national television. If I’m ever going to hold my head up in public again, I need to stand up for what is right,” Monique Shinnery told the National Enquirer, which broke the original story.

“Dog Chapman knows nothing about my character. He doesn’t know me, and he has never met me,” she said. “I have had threats from his fans. I have been hiding, afraid to go out. After Dog’s slander against me, my boss told me they might require that I take a drug test. I have never done drugs.”

She said that her lawsuit won’t be about his racism, even though she says he uses that language all the time. ‘It’s not even about him using the ‘N’ word. It’s about him not wanting a black woman to be part of his family or part of his son’s life. They use the ‘N’ word all the time. Once, Beth said to Tucker, ‘If you want to smoke, you can go over to your n—-r girlfriend’s house and smoke.’ Beth’s as much of a racist as Dog is,” Monique said. “Dog Chapman is a racist, no matter what he says. It’s not about money – it’s about defending my good name. He has damaged my character and slandered me, and I have to stand up for myself.”

Meanwhile, the Enquirer reports that at least one advertiser “[has] pulled their ads and say they won’t advertise on A&E until the network cancels Dog’s show permanently.” That advertiser produces the “Sinus Buster capsaicin nasal sprays.” Other advertisers who pulled their ads from Dog the Bounty Hunter only include Yum! Brands, Ameriprise Financial, and Dr Frank’s Pain Relief.

Victim of “Dog’s” Racist Rant to Sue Him! [National Enquirer]

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