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Casey wins fan favorite during Top Chef 3’s tedious reunion

After skipping a reunion for Top Chef 2 because fans were outraged over the show’s interpersonal conflict, Bravo aired a reunion for Top Chef 3 Wednesday night. It should have been the reverse, though, because there wasn’t much drama between the contestants this season, and thus the reunion was yet another one of Bravo’s tedious reunion shows, like eavesdropping on a conversation between people retelling stories from an uninteresting vacation. It wasn’t the best conclusion to a great season.

Filmed in the same dimly lit studio as Top Chef 3‘s live finale, the reunion revealed Casey as the winner of the fan favorite poll. She won $10,000 and a set of Calphalon cookwear. Most of the rest of the reunion consisted of regurgitated clips from the show, although there was an amusing blooper reel and an appearance by Hung’s morning wood. We also learned that judges are super-indecisive and take about four or six hours, or even more, to decide who to send home.

And as has become a tradition, blogging VP host superstar Andy Cohen did his best to say “” as many times as possible, while redefining the phrase “up next” to mean not after a commercial break, but actually an hour later, at the end of the show. He even ripped off Chuck Woolery’s catchphrase at one point by saying “we’ll be back in 2 and 2.” I think he’s now just baiting us to make fun of him.

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