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Hills guest star Gavin Beasley says the show is “totally set up” and involves “acting”

More evidence has emerged proving that The Hills isn’t exactly a documentary. After the fake airport shoot, which was dismissed by MTV as “a pickup shot”, the model/actor who went on a date with Lauren during Monday’s episode now reveals that the entire thing was set up and largely contrived, from a producer setting up the date to a rented house that was used as the set.

Gavin Beasley tells Best Week Ever that the experience represents “some of the best acting I’ve ever done.” He said it began after he met Lauren for a People photo shoot; later, “She remembered me from our shoot, and the next thing I know, a producer’s asking me to ask Lauren for her number, and I’m signing release forms and being shot for The Hills. They wanted me to ask her about the runway show, how long she had worked that day, when would she get off, stuff like that.”

He says his entire experience was similarly orchestrated. “Like, they totally set up the BBQ scene for Brody and I to meet each other and talk because, as they said, ‘the audience would get a kick out of seeing ‘the ex’ talking to ‘the new guy’.’ So they rent this house in Malibu for a set, bought a bunch of food and drinks, and just filmed us hanging out.”

Gavin’s co-star in the scene, Brody, was even apologetic about the acting he had to do. “Brody would talk all this sh*t, then be like, ‘Sorry about that, we’re just trying to make good television.’ Like at one point, some other dude walked up to us while we were talking, and Brody goes, ‘We’re trying to film a scene here. Do you mind?’, like he’s interrupting our lines.” Because of that, Gavin doesn’t have hard feelings about what Brody said about him. “I didn’t get pissed because I know that’s all solely done for The Hills. He creates drama and a storyline. That’s why he is there.”

As to Lauren’s vanishing red nail polish–when she returned home from the date, it was gone–he says the show didn’t accurately represent the length of their date. “The show makes it seem like she got home from the date earlier, but in reality we hung out at The Grove for a couple hours after dinner (for some reason she took me to Barnes & Noble to show me this book they made about Season 1 of The Hills), then later went to the club Les Deux, and stayed out until about 2:30 or so,” he said.

Gavin won’t apparently be making another guest appearance, although that was a possibility. He said, “Someone from MTV called two weeks later to see about me asking Lauren and Whitney out on a double date, but nothing happened with that. In fact, I actually feel like I had more of a relationship with my MTV contact than I ever did with Lauren.”

REALITY VICTIMS UNIT: Meet Gavin, My Friend Who Went On A Date With LC From The Hills [Best Week Ever]

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