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Footage shows Jon Dalton jumping on Bonaduce; Fairplay files police report

Jon Dalton “filed a police report Wednesday, alleging” battery by Danny Bonaduce at the Fox Reality Channel awards Tuesday night, the AP reports, despite the fact that a video of the incident shows him initiating the confrontation.

A police spokesperson said, “The investigation’s in its initial phase. Currently we don’t have any plans to arrest Bonaduce.” She also said that Jonny Fairplay’s report “said he went to hug him and then when he did that, Bonaduce … threw him over his shoulder.”

But a “hug” is not quite accurate, as footage of the incident released by Extra proves. The footage, below, shows Dalton jump onto Danny Bonaduce and humping his face; Bonaduce stumbles backward slightly and then gets Dalton off of him by flipping him over his head. And despite being a wrestler, Jonny Fairplay smashes his face into the stage.

In a stunning example of journalistic incompetence, World Entertainment News Network reports that Bonaduce “stunned the audience at the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards on Tuesday night (02Oct07) when he jumped up onstage and attacked Survivor star Jonny Fairplay.” That’s so far from the actual truth it’s pathetic, but since IMDB and other sites use WENN’s shitty news, that’s the story that many people are reading.

Anyway, the incident (whether or not it was a bit, as some have suggested) left Fairplay with “one tooth broken, another tooth missing from his gum line and two other teeth that were loose,” the police spokesperson told the AP. And Fairplay himself told TMZ, “It knocked one tooth out and then it moved three others … there’s like floating bones. One tooth is, like, shattered eight times. There’s like eight breaks.” They’re both asses, but it seems that Fairplay has finally suffered consequences for his behavior, besides just getting kicked off a show.

Here’s the video of that consequence from Extra:

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