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Producers forced Eric to not use the veto, keeping Daniele and Dick on Big Brother 8

A cast member on Big Brother 8 says that producers forced Eric, America’s Player, to not use the power of veto, keeping Dick and Daniele in the game and adding more evidence that the producers didn’t care about anything (like, say, fairness or integrity) except advancing their Dick and Daniele narrative.

Jessica said in in an interview that producers “said ‘Do not use it. You don’t have a choice. You are to keep nominations the same.'” That’s extremely significant because had he used it, Jessica would have put up Dick or Daniele, sending them home and most likely changing the rest of the game significantly.

Jessica told the Reality TV Podcast by Rob and Trevor that the producers prohibited Eric from using the power of veto, a fact she learned after the game concluded. In her comments, transcribed by Silly Hamsters, Jessica says,

“Eric explained he wasn’t allowed to use the veto that week. The producers said that America wasn’t given enough time to decide who he should use it on if he was going to so that just flat out told him he is not allowed to use the veto at all – nominations had to stay the same. Which is why Eric didn’t use the veto. I think that’s because they knew if he used the veto I was going to put up one of the Donatos, Dick or Daniele, and so they just said you know you can’t do it. I didn’t know it at the time. I said, ‘What? What is going through your head? This is the perfect opportunity to get one of the big dogs out of here’ and he wouldn’t do it but I went along with him because I had to. He had the power that week. He was my ally. … I put up two people that were were just kinda like ehh so we have the opportunity to get somebody out that is huge in the game and I wanted to but because he was told that he couldn’t he had to keep arguing to me ‘No no no. We have the right people up. Trust in the alliance it’s all going to be good’ and I had to go along with it because I didn’t have a choice.”

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