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The Defuser, Jarrett Crippen, wins Who Wants to be a Superhero 2

The Defuser, aka Jarrett Crippen, defeated Hygenia (Melody Mooney) and Hyper-Strike (aka John Stork) to win Who Wants to be a Superhero 2.

While Hyper-Strike–who had the worst costume, red tights that looked exactly like the ones Jen wore on Big Brother 8 but with a big white explosion printed on each side–was consistently the most superhero-like in terms of his physicality, including his comic book-style reactions to every fake mission or revelation, Stan Lee apparently gave it to Defuser because of his real-life job as a cop and the way he embodies hero-like qualities like leadership.

The show retained its super-fake graphics and over-the-top cheesiness from last season, but the producers seemed to run out of ideas, recycling the dog-attack challenge for the finale and using a variation on the faux missing kid in a recent episode.

Perhaps because of that repetition, the superheros were pretty good at anticipating what was coming, and Stan Lee had to invent reasons to criticize and/or eliminate them. Last week, Hyper-Strike bonded with kids by sharing that kids used to make fun of his last name, and Stan Lee yelled at him for revealing his “secret identity.” Please. Then, during the finale, Stan hypocritically insisted upon asking them their real names during his final conversation with them, and they all seemed skeptical until he revealed that he was changing the rules and it was okay to talk as themselves inside the lair.

Worse, the show seemed to kill a lot of time; during the finale, Kennedy showed up to plug Reality Remix and interview them. The penultimate episode wasted time on a fake elimination ceremony; no one was eliminated, although they built up to an elimination for 15 minutes. Next season, maybe we’ll have a superhero named Fast Forward who has the power to speed things up.

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