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CBS blurred Erik’s boxer briefs “probably [because of] a wardrobe malfunction”

One of the most amusing parts about watching Survivor is trying to spot what the show’s editors or network’s censors decided to blur out. A surprise appearance by a breast or butt cheek during a particularly physical challenge will get pixilated, and that makes sense, but so will other parts, like the very top of a butt or the potential appearance of pubic hair.

On Thursday’s premiere of Survivor China, something even more unusual got blurred: Erik Huffman’s boxer brief bulge.

ASAP’s Derrik Lang asked CBS why they decided to rub out the front of Erik’s underwear, and a spokesperson said, “I don’t know for sure but probably a wardrobe malfunction.” As Lang notes, that’s strange considering that “Huffman’s undies don’t even have a trapdoor.”

Forgetting for a moment that the producers did their best to ensure the cast members would spend time in their underwear by forcing them to start the game wearing jeans and similar clothing, CBS doesn’t seem afraid of the fact that the world might learn that Erik’s underwear are actually concealing his penis (the horror!) The network released this half-naked publicity photograph of him, and similar ones of other cast members like James that are quite revealing themselves.

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