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Chris Crocker, celebrities in rehab, Manhattan Moms get their own reality shows

Celebrities in rehab, an Internet celebrity, and rich mothers in New York are all getting their own reality series.

Chris Crocker, best known for his YouTube plea to “leave Britney alone”, has signed with 44 Blue Productions. So far, the video has been watched by 8.3 million people, although he “had developed a large Net audience via numerous video performances posted on,” Variety reports. The company’s president, Rasha Drachkovitch, told the paper that “Chris first got on our radar a year ago. It’s going to pretty much be the ‘Chris Crocker experience.’ We consider him a rebel character that people will find interesting. He’s going to be a TV star.”

VH1 has ordered eight episodes of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, a show that “is taking four or five personalities from its previous [shows] and following them as they go through rehab, with well-known addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky attending to the group,” Variety reports. VH1 isn’t talking about where the show will be filmed or the identities of the nine celebrities who are participating, but Variety reports that it “is being taped at the Pasadena Recovery Center” and “it’s believed, however, that one is former ‘American Idol’ contestant Jessica Sierra.” The show will debut January 10.

Finally, Bravo has started production on a new docudrama that sounds like an east coast version of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The new show is called Manhattan Moms, and it follows “an eclectic group of Gotham socialites and their families.” In a press release, Bravo’s Frances Berwick says the show “is a fly-on-the-wall glimpse into the privileged lives of New York’s wealthy socialites. We’ll watch as they juggle calendars packed with charity fund-raising galas and the social whirl of the Hamptons, with interviews for elite private schools and high-powered careers.”

‘Britney’ guy may get TV gig and VH1 checks into ‘Celebrity Rehab’ [Variety]
Bravo Starts Production on New Docu-Drama ‘Manhattan Moms’ [Bravo press release]

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