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Amber: Jews are “money-motivated,” “very goal-oriented,” and “very hard workers”

Any hope that the new week would bring a fresh start and absence of Big Brother 8 has been lost, as Amber has now decided to restate her stereotypes about Jewish people and New Yorkers, instead of just shutting the hell up after apologizing the first time.

Once again, a lame-ass interviewer didn’t bother to actually ask Amber about her comments about Jews, but instead Amber brought it up. And this time, Amber apologizes after rephrasing all of her stereotypes, even though she insists she’s “not prejudiced.” In an interview with Buddy TV, after the interviewer kisses her ass by saying she has a “mature outlook” and is “brave” but fails to directly ask her about her most controversial and offensive moments, Amber offers her own new defense.

She now says Jews aren’t “money-hungry,” as she said before, but are instead “money-motivated.” In case our eyes fill with blood after our brains hemorrhage from reading that, Amber says it again. I seriously can’t even believe she thinks that saying one is any different than the other, but then again, we all know she’s desperately in need of an education. At least she didn’t apologize for calling them “assholes” by saying that they’re really “anuses.” Here’s what she did have to say in her latest interview:

“…What I should’ve said, and what I wanted to say and how I meant it was, not selfish. Jews, people from New York, they’re not selfish, they’re just very goal-oriented and they’re very hard workers, and money-motivated. Those are the words I should’ve used, money-motivated and hard working, and goal-oriented, instead of saying selfish and money-hungry, I didn’t mean those in rude ways. I can’t stress to all of you out there how sorry I am I said that. I’m not a horrible person, I’m not prejudiced. I have friends from all walks of life, and I really wish I could individually apologize to every single one of you out there that I offended. …

I’m sorry, I can say it a thousand times, and I know it probably doesn’t mean anything to anybody out there. But I want you to know that I wish I wouldn’t have said it. I’m sorry I did, there’s no excuse for it. All I can do now is justify to you guys and tell everybody out there in the world that I meant no harm by it, I was upset at the time, and I’m so sorry. I can’t say I’m sorry enough and I mean that, and please forgive me. And if not, I understand as well. Any comments you guys have to say about me or anyone has to say about me, it’s fine, and I respect whatever you just have to say to me.”

Exclusive Interview: Amber, from ‘Big Brother 8’ Part 3 [Buddy TV]

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