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Ryan Seacrest “may or may not” sing at the Emmys

Ryan Seacrest’s job hosting the Emmys in a few weeks may or may not begin with him singing a song.

“We’re obviously still in the putting-it-together stages, and I’ll be back in Los Angeles this weekend to home in on what we’re doing with the entire program, but we are going to open the show with a musical number, and that musical number, as you can well imagine, will be like nothing you’ve seen in years past,” Ryan told reporters, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

He said his own vocal performance “may or may not be” included, which will be dependent upon “how confident I feel on the 16th.” And perhaps how much the Academy wants to turn the show into American Idol, because could Seacrest sing without his three judge friends there to critique him? I think not.

Even weirder is that Seacrest will do his other job, too: He’ll host the red carpet for E!, and then run inside and host the show. According to the paper, “Seacrest admitted that he hasn’t formulated a plan on how to easily move from the red carpet, where he’ll be hosting E! Entertainment Television’s live coverage before the show, to inside the Shrine Auditorium and onto the Emmy stage.”

Seacrest’s toes tapping for Emmy open [Hollywood Reporter]

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