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Jay McCarroll is not homeless

Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll told New York magazine for its story on Bravo fame that he’s homeless, but he was apparently just kidding. Jay himself mocks the idea in a series of five short videos (1, 2, 3, 5, 6) posted on YouTube featuring him pretending to be homeless on the streets of New York City.

Why there are five videos of him doing essentially the same thing isn’t quite clear, but the message is: Jay is not homeless. In one, a person on the street asks him if he’s Jay, and he transitions in and out of character, saying, “It is me, it is. Okay, where was I? I’m homeless! Oh, I’ve got a movie premiere to go to tonight.” Later, he makes himself laugh, saying, “I’m homeless, apparently. That one’s a good one; that one’s funny.” Here’s that clip:

In addition, the person who apparently posted the videos on YouTube sent a faux press release to Jossip that said:

“Mischievous fashion designer and Project Runway first season winner Jay McCarroll stunned friends, family and co-workers today with the arrival of the new issue of New York Magazine. Apparently, the ever-joking McCarroll told the New York writer that he was homeless and she not only believed it, but wrote about it in the issue of New York that hit newsstands today. As evidenced in videos he and his team have been making and posting to Youtube, this is all some inside joke.McCarroll, who is not homeless (he lives in a beautiful building on the Upper West Side), has recently been tapped to head up the re-launch of classic 80’s sportswear brand Camp Beverly Hills and also has his own line and show premiering on QVC this fall.”

Meanwhile, on one of New York’s blogs, the magazine strikes back at Jay through another Bravo star. Queer Eye star and Top Chef judge Ted Allen says, “I used to like him, when I first met him. He was asking for advice about how-do-I deal-with-the-sudden-fame bullshit. And I gave him the phone number of one of my guys at William Morris, who I really like. And the next thing I heard about Jay McCarroll is that he was talking shit about the five of us behind our backs. He’s whiny, he’s immature, he’s catty — he’s really kind of a jackass, whether he won Project Runway or not.”

Update: New York magazine has posted the transcript of Jay’s interview with the reporter, and quotes from his publicist, both of which support its original assertion, that Jay is living out of his bathroom-less studio, and thus is quasi-homeless.

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