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Making the Band 4 ends Sunday after Diddy failed to make a decision during Monday’s finale

Sean “Diddy” Combs has again left a season of Making the Band with a cliffhanger. The fourth season was to conclude last Monday night with the selection of an all-male group; instead, Diddy walked out. The season will apparently conclude Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET.

MTV’s recap of Monday’s eighth episode explains: “Diddy eventually asks each guy to sing for him, so that he can get a better feel for their performance skills. When they’re all done, Diddy realizes his decision is still just as hard as before. Each guy brings such a flare of energy that he is unable to dismiss anyone. After some contemplation, Diddy exits the room without making a final decision. This is truly a cliffhanger.”

Oh yes, truly. Just like that cliffhanger in season three when he dumped the whole band and miraculously got a whole new season out of that decision. This season, he asked viewers to vote online for their favorites, although that vote will apparently have no direct impact on the group he selects.

Diddy swears that it wasn’t pre-planned, all while pointing out what great television it made. “It wasn’t premeditated; it was something that just naturally happened. To me, it was like one of those cliffhangers. I wouldn’t say it was as good or as bad as the ‘Sopranos’ one, but it definitely was like you were on the edge of your seat,” he told the New York Daily News.

Coach Michael Bivins said told the paper that he didn’t know, either. “I didn’t know he was going to walk off the eighth episode. He kind of left me sitting there like, Okay, where are we going with this? I think he was in Diddy mode. Like hey, I need one more show.” Exactly.

Because only one surprise wouldn’t be enough to satisfy viewers desperate need for manufactured drama, Diddy also promises, “There will be a big surprise at the end of it, that’s not announced, that nobody will expect, concerning one of the guys. Somebody a lot of people think should make the band is not going to make the band. Somebody’s heart is going to be broken for one moment. I don’t think their heart will be broken for long, though.”

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