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Gordon Ramsay calls lawsuit’s claim that Kitchen Nightmares was faked “a fucking joke”

Gordon Ramsay has responded to the lawsuit brought by a participant in the upcoming FOX version of Kitchen Nightmares, calling the accusations that the show was faked “a fucking joke.”

“I would never-ever-ever dream of setting anything up. I want to sleep at night. We were issued a writ because, God bless America, if the toilet paper is not thick enough and you come out with a rash on your ass [you’ll get sued],” he told TV Week.

“The idea of bringing moldy food in and planting actors is a fucking joke. There’s a man who got very scared and very embarrassed about his lack of professionalism. For a man to waste lawyers’ time and taxpayers’ money to get upset about something you’re the cause of…,” he said.

Martin R. Hyde was the manager of Dillons in New York City, and claimed in the lawsuit that Ramsay “staged events, falsely claiming meat was spoiled, using a defective chair to imply that Dillons’ furniture was shoddy and even hiring actors to pose as customers to make the restaurant look busy at the end of the week.” Hyde’s attorney, Carl Person, told TV Week, “[Mr. Hyde] wasn’t the one in charge of the kitchen. The person responsible left the restaurant a week earlier. They’re going to make him appear he was the one in charge and he wasn’t. They’re setting him up.”

Talking about the libel lawsuit he won in the UK over similar claims, Ramsay said, “I don’t want to start that kind of bullshit over here. You know it just scares me that litigation can just happen overnight, and then you’re on the defense.”

Ramsay reiterated that the restaurant was disgusting: “We found extraordinary droppings from rats and the most unhygienic kitchen I’ve ever seen in my career. There should be a government health warning before the program saying ‘all dinner should be consumed before watching this program.'” Hyde’s attorney’s defense? “Every restaurant has mouse droppings,” Person said.

Gordon Ramsay Blasts ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Lawsuit [TV Week]

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