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Big Brother 8 bits: Dick’s tea assault; banners return; house visit; Chill Town and Jen

A round-up of some recent Big Brother 8 news, most of which it’s hard to get really worked up about:

  • While Daniele and Nick were fighting with Jen, Dick poured ice tea on Jen’s head. (It aired live on Showtime; here’s the video). He went to the diary room but apparently suffered no consequences. (Although a chair-throwing houseguest was removed during season four, the producers have broken their own rules before.) That, and his general behavior toward others (especially with women) has led some people to demand his eviction. One thing’s for sure: He lives up to his name.
    Dick pours tea on Jen [YouTube]
  • The banners are back. Someone paid for planes towing banners to fly over the back yard that said things such as “Trust Nick. Dump Kail. Amber Lies.” and “We see the D.R. Trust Nick. Eric Lies.” The hamsters were locked down because the only people allowed to mess with their minds are the producers.
    A Banner Plane Just Flew Over the House , Another Banner , and Photo: Latest Banner [RealityBBQ via Big Brother Craze]
  • Hartford Courant TV critic Roger Catlin toured the Big Brother house, and his resulting column is informative, but offers no new information for long-time fans of the show–and it would have been helpful if he’d actually watched the show. He writes that the houseguests get “twice a week visits from show host Julie Chen” who hosts the “Sunday night editions” (nope), and says that the houseguests “must eat [slop] for weeks at a time” (not quite, although sometimes people are on it for consecutive weeks).
    Inside ‘The Big Brother’ House [Hartford Courant]
  • Mike “Boogie” Malin is friends with Jen. Now we know why she’s so annoying.
    Big Brother Legend Sounds Off on New Season [Global TV]

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