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CBS defends decision to cancel all Big Brother 8 interviews until after the finale

As of yesterday, CBS decided that Big Brother 8 cast members would no longer be available for interviews, and that started today with Amber, who didn’t even appear on CBS’ Early Show. In a statement, the network admitted that they think being asked about their behavior “could provide information that influences the final vote.” The decision to pull the plug on all interviews followed the revelation that CBS was demanding journalists not ask about Amber’s controversial remarks.

TV Guide reports that “any and all castoffs will be available for Q&A… following the Big Brother finale airing Sept. 18.” But until then, nothing. Why is that? Here’s CBS’ explanation:

“We have made jury members… available to the press the past two seasons, always with the proviso that their questions not inform the ejected houseguest of influences outside his or her personal experience in the house. This season, several cast members have made either offensive statements or exhibited controversial behavior. We respect journalists’ interest and right to pose questions about these matters, but at the same time believe doing so could provide information that influences the final vote and potential outcome of the 12-week competition.”

Big Brother Lockdown! Evictees Off-limits to Press [TV Guide]

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