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Amber says Jews are “money-hungry” “assholes”; Dick and Daniele align with Kail and Jen

The fallout from Eric’s quasi-outing as America’s Player continues in the Big Brother house, and it’s taken an even more unpredictable twist: Dick and Daniele are now allying themselves with Kail and Jen, the people they’ve been trying to evict for weeks. But that drama is nothing compared to Amber’s anti-Semitic rant that feed watchers saw.

First, Dick, who is fond of verbally absuing the two women and even poured ice tea on Jen’s head, decided that he now needs Jen to help him in the game. Jen, who is remarkably annoying, has also stayed remarkably calm in the face of his abuse. On last night’s episode, he approached her and said, “I think a lot of htis is getting out of hand. … You lay off of Daniele, and I’ll lay off of you. … I’m sorry, and I’m totally cool and totally down with calling a truce.” He told us he did this “because I need her on my side.” She was rightfully skeptical.

Meanwhile, Dick, being a dick as usual, decided to confront Eric about his lying. It’s kind of interesting to watch Dick transition from doing nothing to screaming at someone; it’s as if his brain flips a switch, or he just decides to amuse himself for a while. “You’re outed; you’re totally outed,” Dick yelled at Eric, who said, “Go and plead you case to everyone else in the house and let them make the decision.” Dick said, “You’re going up, bitch. .. I know the truth, you fucking liar.”

In order to get Eric nominated/back-doored, one of the two nominees needed to have their nomination vetoes. The POV competition offered the players some difficult choices, although it would have been much more dramatic if the game play was further along than it is right now. The players had to bid on things such as how many HOH competitions they’d sit out. The player(s) with the highest number would “win” that punishment, while the person with the lowest would be eliminated from the POV competition.

Among other things, Jen will have to give up $250,000 of the prize if she wins the show, Kail and Jameka will both sit out of the next five HOH competitions, and a bunch of them had to wear bunny suits and dump manure-smelling liquid on their heads every hour. (Seriously? Bunny suits and shit water? I watched that on CBS?) Ultimately, Jen won the veto, vetoed her own nomination, and was replaced on the block by Eric.

Tuesday’s episode included none of Amber’s anti-Semitic rantings. Those were a complete surprise, but thanks to the feeds and YouTube, we now know what she thinks. First, talking about people who live in New York, Amber says “they’re fucking — they’re assholes, they’re all very, very money-hungry and so are Jewish people. Like, every Jewish person I know, every single one, they’re all so…”

She stops there, but in another clip, talks with Jameka in the hammock, when she says things such as “you can tell by their nose, you can tell by their last name” and talked of someone Amber knows who’s “a good person, and she means well, but she’s really money-hungry, and my mom said, that’s because she’s Jewish.” Having asked Dustin if he’s Jewish earlier, Amber essentially says he’s selfish because of his Jewish heritage. During her anti-Semitic rant, Amber attributes most of these ideas to her mother, but doesn’t reject those obnoxious stereotypes. It got so bad that Jameka tried to subtly get her to shut up, but fails. The audio isn’t great on the hammock conversation, but here’s what Amber thinks about Jewish people:

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