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Ventriloquist Terry Fator wins America’s Got Talent 2

Terry Fator, a ventriloquist, won America’s Got Talent 2. However, calling him a mere “ventriloquist” doesn’t do his talent justice. His puppets don’t just talk, they sing. And they don’t just sing, they often sing with celebrity voices. So, he’s impersonating singing celebrities without moving his mouth.

He wins $1 million, sort of; he actually has to choose whether to wait 40 years for his cash or take a smaller amount now. One prize he won’t have to wait for: he’ll play at Bally’s in Las Vegas, host Jerry Springer announced.

After the show, Terry said he actually thought he would lose. “I told Cas before the show, ‘I really think you’re gonna win this thing.’ … All of the top ten were just phenomenal talents. To win this thing is beyond my wildest dreams. I’m just totally blown away,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

First out of the competition was Julienne Irwin, then Butterscotch. Cas Haley was the runner-up. In-between eliminations, were lots of performances and clips and surprise appearances; the producers had so much time to fill they even brought back the quick change act from last season.

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