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Canadian Idol producer says it’s “disgraceful” that Toronto singers get voted off

The producer of Canadian Idol has lashed out at Canadians who don’t vote for singers from Toronto.

After three singers from Toronto were eliminated Wednesday, John Brunton said, “I’m not really supposed to do this. I’m supposed to be impartial. But as a born and bred Torontonian, I’m fed up with the lack of attention and respect paid to the bright, young singers from Toronto. They deserve more. It should not be a disadvantage to be a ‘Canadian Idol’ competitor from Toronto.”

He called the lack of support “disgraceful,” and said, “While the rest of the country is buzzing about ‘Canadian Idol’ and the success of their hometown heroes, Toronto is not paying attention. Toronto is not supporting the local talent found right in its own backyard,”

The CP reports that “[t]hree Toronto competitors were eliminated on Wednesday’s ‘Idol’ results show on CTV, leaving just three in the Top 18. More people audition for the singing show in Toronto than in any other city, Brunton said, yet no one from the city has made it to the Top 10 since the first season when three contestants accomplished the feat.”

‘Idol’ producer lambastes Torontonians for not supporting homegrown talent [CP]

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