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Canadian Idol 5 debuts tonight, will allow singers to play instruments

The fifth season of Canadian Idol debuts tonight, and its contestants will be allowed to play instruments.

While the show’s judge Farley Flex says that Canada’s version “[is] absolutely the first” to allow instruments, that isn’t quite true. Previously, Australian Idol‘s 2006 season allowed its contestants to audition with instruments, but they could only use them during certain performances during the competition.

However, this season of Canadian Idol will apparently allow instrument use throughout the competition, which Flex says “is going to have an impact on the perspective people have on the winner, if the winner happens to be someone who does play (an instrument).”

Sun Media also reports that “producers of the show decided to allow instruments in order to keep things fresh and hopefully give Idol more credibility within the music industry,” and that “[i]t is their hope, if a musician wins Idol this year, people within the music business and the Canadian public will accept the new Idol champion as a bona fide artist.

The show’s audition episodes air Tuesdays until later this month, when the performance and elimination episodes begin and air Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays; the finals will air on Mondays and Tuesdays starting July 23.

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