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WE’s Bridezillas, History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers debut tonight

Two very different reality series debut tonight on two different cable networks, one of which follows crazy women making others’ lives hell to make their dreams come true, while the other shows crazy men risking their lives to make money.

First, the fourth season of Bridezillas debuts at 9 p.m. ET on WE. The show follows women who “shock family, friends, and fiances in order to make their storybook weddings come true. They stop at nothing to get what they want,” according to the network. Each of the 18 episodes follows a different crazy bride, and this season, one gets left at the altar.

The History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers debuts at 10, and was inspired by a Modern Marvels episode by the same name. The show was shot in HD, and follows six men who take supplies to diamond mines in Canada, a $1.9 billion industry. They drive “over frozen lakes that double as roads. … Always prepared for the ice to give way under the weight of their trucks, these drivers put their lives and financial security of their families on the line in an exhilarating dash for cash,” the network says.

The dramatic trailers for both shows are below; decide for yourself which group is crazier:

Bridezillas [WE]
Ice Road Truckers [History Channel]