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Hell’s Kitchen chefs try to serve rancid crab, raw eggs, food from the trash after Aaron leaves

Rancid crab. Raw eggs. Spaghetti removed from the trash. Just another night in Hell’s Kitchen, and another fantastic episode as the chefs went a little bit crazy.

First, 48-year-old Asian cowboy/nursing home cook Aaron passed out in the kitchen, banging his head against an appliance. While he stood up and appeared to be uninjured, he was evacuated by ambulance. Later, Gordon Ramsay called Aaron in his hospital room. Somehow, I expected him to say, “Get your arse out of bed and stop faking it, you fat, blubbering baby!” But alas, Ramsay was nice, and even used his first name: “Aaron, it’s Gordon, how are you? I am so, so sorry that you’re not feeling better. The bad news is, you have a serious illness. Doctor’s orders; you cannot come back into this kitchen.”

The “serious illness” was never named, although I doubt he was removed for any other reason other than that, because he was such great television the producers probably would have propped him up against a stove just so the camera could occasionally pan past his blank face.

Bonnie cooked raw scallops; Joanna cooked with bad crab meat. Ramsay told Joanna, “Can you not smell that? The crab is off. It’s fucking rancid. You’ll kill someone.” She said only, “I didn’t smell the crab, chef.” In the men’s kitchen, Brad scraped burned stuff off the bottom of his Wellington’s puff pastry, and Vinnie sent out a raw egg, which Ramsay smashed into his chest and screamed, “fuck off!” For about two seconds, Vinnie seemed like he was going to punch Ramsay in the temple, but he was pulled away by the other chefs.

Back in the women’s kitchen, Jen did something that was arguably even more moronic. She threw away some cooked spaghetti, and then Ramsay called for an order of spaghetti, so, she went to the trash and got it out. As if that was no big deal, she told us, “I decided to retrieve the spagehetti from the garbage and then wash it.” She justified this by saying she was going to boil it and kill any bacteria.

Julia, the Waffle House chef who pulled the team together when they cooked spaghetti, told us, “Who in the world picks food out of the trash?” Although she basically saved her team during breakfast service, they nominated her anyway. To her credit, Jen stepped up and nominated herself for elimination at the last minute, but Ramsay sent Joanna home for her rancid crab meat error instead.

Best Ramsay line of the night: “I’ll fucking cram it up your ass sideways.”

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