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Two reality TV shows take six of the top 10 spots for 2006-2007

The ratings are in for the 2006-2007 television year, and two reality series take up six of the top 10 spots among the 142 shows broadcast on network television, according to numbers compiled by The Hollywood Reporter. Those shows are, of course, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

With an average of 30.6 million viewers, American Idol 6‘s results show was the number one show of the year; the performance show averaged 30.1 million viewers and takes second place. Dancing with the Stars 3‘s performance shows was the number three show for the year, while its results show was number seven. Season four was slightly less popular, coming in at number five, with its results show taking ninth place.

The next-most popular reality show is Survivor Cook Islands, the race war season, at number 13 with 15.8 million viewers; Survivor Fiji is right behind at number 15, averaging 14.8 million viewers.

No other reality show is in the top 20, but Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came in at 25 with 13.4 million viewers, The Amazing Race 10 was number 31 with 11.5 million viewers, The Bachelor 10 tied for 41 with 10.3 million viewers, and The Amazing Race 11 tied for 44 with 10.1 million viewers. The lowest-rated reality show of the season was The CW’s Pussycat Dolls series with 3 million viewers per episode.

Other reality shows on the list, preceded by their rank and followed by their average number of viewers:

53. Extreme Makeover: Home Ed. (7 P.M.), 9.2 million
54. Supernanny, 9.0 million
61. Bachelor: Rome, 8.5 million
68. The Biggest Loser 3, 8.3 million
73. Wife Swap, 7.7 million
75. The Apprentice, 7.5 million
75. Grease: You’re The One That I Want, 7.5 million
95. Armed & Famous, 6.1 million
112. America’s Next Top Model 8, 5.4 million
112. America’s Next Top Model 7, 5.4 million
120. Trading Spouses, 4.5 million
123. Nanny 911, 4.3 million
127. Beauty And The Geek, 4.0 million
129. Celebrity Duets, 3.7 million
135. Pussycat Dolls Present, 3.0 million

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