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CBS will air Kid Nation, a reality Lord of the Flies for kids ages 8 to 15

CBS has filmed a new unscripted show that Variety calls “a reality take on ‘Lord of the Flies'” for a group of 40 kids and teenagers ages 8 to 15. The new series, Kid Nation, will be revealed today at CBS’ upfront presentation, although it may or may not end up on the fall schedule.

The show “will follow 40 kids for 40 days, observing them as they attempt to build a new society from scratch. Rather than surviving on an island, the kiddies relocated to Bonanza City, N.M., a ghost town abandoned more than a century ago. Prodigal children live without parental supervision and modern comforts,” Variety reports.

The show “was originally pegged for a summer debut but was held for the 2007-08 season after CBS execs became excited about its breakout potential,” according to Variety.

Rather than pushing each other off of cliffs, “there will be no mandated eliminations. Kids can go home when they want to.” And each show “will end with a feel-good moment in which one kid is selected by his peers to earn a major reward,” Variety says. In the meantime, the cast members “have to pass laws, choose leaders and build an economy,” and “may also be given choices between things they need (food and supplies) and things they want (think Nintendo Wii).”

Kids to rule reality on CBS [Variety]

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