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New York chooses Tango, who proposed and says he had to “kill [Chance] or relax”

I Love New York came to an end last night as New York selected Tango, which was not a surprise considering she made Tango’s hand gesture on Jimmy Kimmel’s show earlier this season. What was a surprise was his proposal to her; she said yes, but later seemed to regret agreeing.

The finale featured–of course–a fight between Tango and Chance, who didn’t take his loss well. Here’s what happened, according to the VH1 Reality Blog:

They stand up and throw hands in each other’s faces, and New York tries to pretend like this behavior bothers her (even though she started it and even though it didn’t bother her when she was getting into it with Deelishis on the Flavor of Love 2 finale), and she tries to break them up. Doesn’t work though. Chance breaks a glass and threatens to take out a banana tree. He tells Tango to give him his address, apparently so he can come over for a Tupperware party. Chance ends up kicking water at Tango and they both try to fight, but they’re restrained by the production crew.

In an interview with VH1, Tango says, “That was honestly my last straw. … This time, I was just like, ‘No, we gotta go, buddy.’ I was so serious. I was caught in a situation where it was like, kill this man or relax. I need a medal or something because I don’t know how I did that. I don’t know how I did not choke this man. But you can tell that he didn’t want it like that. He knew he had to chill out. He’s crazy, but he’s not crazy.”

Glad he cleared that up. So why did he propose to New York? For attention, of course: “I’m the type of guy who likes to go out with a bang.” But adds, “Sometimes you just gotta jump into things head first and work it out later on. The whole purpose was just to let her know how serious I am.”

He also tells the New York Post, “I might be based out of Tampa, but I’m seriously considering relocation, I decided I would go for broke on the show, and I’m not gonna look back.” For her part, New York says that “Tango is gonna have to make some time for New York now. He’s got some work to do.”

Chance took the news well, saying, “Fuck that bitch. I’ll never forget her.” He’ll have a chance (oh!) to see her again during the reunion show, which airs April 15.

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