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Sanjaya has security, paparazzi, an entourage, and no idea “how to conduct himself in public”

One day after Sanjaya! and his “huge entourage” visited FOX, as Defamer reported, everyone’s favorite American Idol 6 loser, he attended the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday as a guest of People magazine.

There he met his fans, including the governor of New York. The Washington Post’s Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts report that Eliot Spitzer approached him looking for an autograph, and People reps told him, “We are trying to let him eat.” Spitzer replied, “But I’m the governor of New York.”

Annoying Bravo VP Andy Cohen tells us what Tim Gunn said about sitting at the same table as Sanjaya, although first, he has to make himself the focus of the story by mentioning that he has Tim Gunn’s phone number in his cell and has been hanging out on the set of Top Chef 3. “People were lined up in droves just to see him. He was a huge draw. He had three rude security guards around him and I literally had to fight to get to the table,” Tim said. “He’s a kid. He’s not been out. He doesn’t really know how to conduct himself in public yet. He’s 17. I wonder where he’s gonna be in a year.”

Sanjaya told his host that such fans left him “a little uncomfortable,” and on Live With Regis and Kelly this morning, he reiterated that fame is having an impact. “It’s paparazzi (who) get at you, and fans come up and try to give you hugs and get autographs. I would love to just be able to hug everyone and give autographs and take pictures, but you can’t,” he said, according to the AP.

He also said on the show, “what I want to do is experience the whole entertainment business because, I mean, I’m not just a musician, I’m an entertainer.” Actually, dude, you’re not really a musician at all.

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