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Taylor Hicks’ slowing record sales, Kellie Pickler’s growing chest raise questions

Last night’s time-filler on American Idol 6 was last season’s Kellie Pickler, and although her new hair made her almost unrecognizable, talk on the web today is about other changes. I’m Not Obsessed has HD screencaps of Kellie’s appearance, and asks if she had “work done on her breasts.”

Before her performance (video here), Ryan Seacrest asked her, “Have you spent your money on anything since you left us?” She said, “Shoes, yeah. Imagine that.” Ryan replied, “Just shoes?” She said, “Yeah,” and Ryan said, “Okay” as the audience giggled.

Perhaps breast enhancements would enhance Taylor Hicks’ career, which according to some measurements, isn’t going all that well so far. His first record “debuted at No. 2 on the charts. While it has sold a respectable 640,000 copies, it has slid significantly to a dismal rank: 136 this week,” according to the AP.

Meanwhile, Chris Daughtry’s record hit number one. Billboard’s Geoff Mayfield said he has “a strong suspicion that (Hicks) might be the first winner who falls shy of a million units.”

However, J Records’ VP Tom Corson said, “It’s a work in progress, and, would we have liked to sell a little bit more? Yeah. But (the album is) still gold and on its way to platinum. And, if the single performs, we’ll turn it around, so we’re quite — we’re quite optimistic about things as it stands right now. … With Taylor, you’re going into an adult format. We hope it translates younger, but the music right now is much more adult. It’s a longer burn, a longer process.”

Taylor told the AP that “slow and steady wins the race. You know, to have overnight record success, you know, it’s tough to do. You have to massage the record buying audience as much as you have to massage the live performing audience, you know? I think the best thing for me as an artist is to get out and be with the people and tour the record. And go to the radio stations and be personable.”

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