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Kathy Griffin’s dad John died

John Griffin, Kathy Griffin’s hysterical father and one of the stars of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, has died, according to Rosie O’Donnell.

On her blog, Rosie writes, in her trademark quasi-poetic form, that “kathy griffins dad died”; Kathy “arrived just now/in miami/only to hear and turn around/back home 2 him/and her mom/reality tv must wait/as it should.”

She also notes that Kathy “was to perform/on another R FAMILY VACATION/leaving tomorrow.” Rosie posted late Saturday night, so presumably Kathy’s dad died that day.

To commemorate his life, here’s a bonus video from the first season of Kathy’s Bravo show; it’s not his funniest moment ever, but it’s all Bravo has on their site. Kathy goes to her parents house to before her interview with E!, and her dad characteristically says, “You know, you’re interrupting Judge Judy.”

Update: On her web site, Kathy posted the following note:

Thank you for all of your lovely comments and inquiries about my Dad. He passed away last Saturday, February 17th at 2pm here in L.A. He had a very far reach in this world and is already missed by so many.

His ascerbic, rapier wit and true heart of gold made for a wonderful combination in a great man. He died from complications due to congestive heart failure AND multiple myeloma. I will keep you posted on a charity to donate to. My Mom will choose one shortly. Please keep her and my siblings in your thoughts and prayers. What can I say? I just loved him so much.

XXOO Kathy G

healing [r blog]

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