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Survivor Fiji cast revealed, includes 10 people from California, eight from L.A.

The cast of Survivor Fiji has been revealed, and once again, the cast is again a diverse group of people, unless you consider that eight are from Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, and two more are from the area around San Francisco–or that more than half, 10, are in their 20s. The number of people from California is down from the 13 Californians who were cast members on Survivor Cook Islands.

Also today, CBS confirmed that the new season, which was produced last fall, will start on February 8, and reminded us that, as the preview for the season already revealed, the cast member “will begin the series as one tribe with plenty of supplies. On day three, they will be split into two tribes.”

Of the 19 cast members, only one is confirmed so far as an actual actor: Rita Verreos appeared in “Marked for Death,” according to CBS. Her official bio says she’s now a single mom. (Update: She’s also the sister of Project Runway 2‘s Nick Verreos, People reports.)

The other cast members have an interesting range of careers, from an expert witness locator (Anthony) to a school bus driver (Gary). There is one likely candidate for a wannabe actor, and that’s “bartender” James Reid, who lives in Los Angeles. IMDB has many results for his name, so it’s unclear if he’s worked in the industry. And Earl Cole, who lives in Santa Monica, is identified as an advertising executive, but he’s also a composer who’s a member of ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

Here are the cast members, their ages, their hometowns, and their occupations, according to CBS:

  • Alex Angarita, 28, Los Angeles, Calif., attorney
  • Kenward “Boo” Bernis, 34, Lafayette, La., Construction worker
  • Yau-Man Chan, 54, Martinez, Calif., Computer engineer
  • Earl Cole, 35, Santa Monica, Calif., Advertising executive
  • Jessica deBen, 27, Los Angeles, Calif., Fashion stylist
  • Erica Durousseau, 27, Lake Charles, La., Non-profit fundraiser
  • Cassandra Franklin, 42, Los Angeles, Calif., Civil engineer manager
  • Liliana Gomez, 25, Oxnard, Calif., Loan officer
  • Andria “Dre” Herd, 25, Wilmington, N.C., Cheerleading coach
  • Stacy Kimball, 27, Interactive Internet producer
  • Sylvia Kwan, 52, Ross, Calif., Architect
  • Mookie Lee, 25, Wheeling, Ill., Loan manager
  • Lisette “Lisi” Linares, 36, Los Angeles, Calif., Customer service representative
  • James Reid, 28, Los Angeles, Calif., Bartender
  • Edgardo Rivera, 28, Miami Beach, Fla., Advertising executive
  • Anthony Robinson, 32, Compton, Calif., Expert witness locator
  • Gary Stritesky, 55, Ramsey, Minn., School bus driver
  • Rita Verreos, 38, San Antonio, Texas, Single mom
  • Michelle Yi, 23, Cincinnati, Ohio, Student
“Survivor” Heads For Fiji [CBS News]

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