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Erik loses 214 pounds to win The Biggest Loser; three people lost more than half their body weight

After losing 214 pounds and 52.58 percent of his original starting weight, Erik was declared the winner of The Biggest Loser 3, and he won the $250,000 prize.

Just like last season, the winner was actually the biggest loser, even though the game element makes it extremely possible that the person who has the most weight loss will be unable to win the title.

As to those eliminated contestants, Brian–who looked absolutely nothing like the guy who was on the show–won the $100,000 prize for having the greatest percentage of weight loss among them. He lost 50.65 percent of his weight, going from 308 to 152 pounds. And again, he looked like a completely different human being. Incredible.

Of the four finalists, Heather actually gained weight: a fetus. She was five months pregnant, and Caroline told her, “you weren’t able to continue in the competition,” so she didn’t even win. However, Heather received a free product-placed nursery for her fetus.

As for the 38 at-home contestants, nine of them lost more than 100 pounds. The two with the greatest percentage of weight loss were the two that made it back to the ranch but were sent home first, Poppi and Matthew. They weighed in, and Poppi, having lost 117 pounds and more than half her body weight, won the $50,000.

Overall, the 50 contestants started the season at 14,384 pounds and lost 4,281 pounds collectively; that’s more than two tons. Here’s the weight loss by contestant who weighed in during the finale, ranked by percentage of weight loss:

  • Erik: 407 to 193, 214 pounds lost, 52.58%
  • Brian: 308 to 152, 156 pounds lost, 50.65%
  • Poppi: 232 to 115, 117 pounds lost, 50.43%
  • Jaron: 323 to 163, 160 pounds lost, 49.54%
  • Matthew: 366 to 190, 176 pounds lost, 48.09%
  • Kai: 262 to 144, 118 pounds lost, 45.04%
  • Ken: 358 to 197, 161 pounds lost, 44.97%
  • Wylie: 307 to 178, 129 pounds lost, 42.02%
  • Jennifer: 245 to 145, 100 pounds lost, 40.82%
  • Amy: 260 to 154, 106 pounds lost, 40.77%
  • Marty: 365 to 219, 146 pounds lost, 40.00%
  • Bobby: 321 to 225, 96 pounds lost, 29.91%
  • Pam: 247 to 179, 68 pounds lost, 27.53%
  • Melinda: 236 to 172, 64 pounds lost, 27.12%
  • Adrian: 227 to 169, 58 pounds lost, 25.55%
  • Tiffany: 255 to 204, 51 pounds lost, 20.0%
  • Nelson: 404 to 335, 69 pounds lost, 17.08%
  • Heather: did not weigh in; is pregnant

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