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Barcelonans throw tomatoes at Rob and Kimberly as an all-female team makes Race history

The Amazing Race 10 has its final three teams, and one of them is an all-female team, the first time in 10 seasons we’ve ever had two women together in the final three.

Next week is the one-hour finale–only an hour this year instead of the typical two-hour extended finale. While the funnier teams have been systematically eliminated, there will probably be enough to keep us entertained as they race home to the US. The penultimate episode certainly had plenty of fun moments:

  • Giving the blondes some competition in the stupidity department, Kimberly looked out her window and said, “I hate how there’s so many dogs out here. Oh, those are lambs.” Rob corrected her, and she said, “Goats. Well, I saw the horns and I knew it was a goat.” Or a devil-dog.
  • Introducing the Roadblock, Phil walked by a market stall that had camel heads dangling out front. Apparently Phil bought one before filming that segment, and stored it in his white pants. Later, he was wearing the same plants, and the camelhead was clearly gone.
  • From the Conversations We Wouldn’t be Surprised to Learn Tyler and James Have Had Before Department: Tyler: “First thing you have to do, grind all your meat. Use that thing to jam it all in there.” James: “It’s coming, it’s just not fast, you know?”
  • As crazy Rob was running down the streets of Casablanca, looking psychotic, he threw his hands up in the air and said, “Help!”–as if anyone would stop to help such a scary freak.
  • “I would rather have that than Christmas presents for the next five years,” one of the blondes said about getting on a flight before the other teams.
  • I’m not sure we’ve ever witnessed backseat eating on The Amazing Race before, but at the Casablanca Roadblock, there was plenty, thanks to Karlyn. As Lyn ate camel meat, she told Karlyn, “It’s hot. He just took it off the fire.” Karlyn didn’t care: “You just need to hurry up.” Lyn replied, “I can’t just swallow hot food,” but again, Karlyn kept trying to tell her how to masticate: “You gotta move quicker. You can’t be chewing and contemplating. Are you serious? Are you in the race, too?” Lyn finally said, “I’m racing; if you could shut the hell up, I could do better.”
  • The blondes, facing a 30-minute penalty unless they checked in first, asked the former drug-addict models, “If it came down to a foot race,” “if you guys could just maybe trip?” But one of the guys said, “There’s no way I’d lay down for them.”
  • To the asshat that’s copying and pasting reality blurred’s stories, including the TAR recaps, onto their own shitty reality TV site after excising all references to reality blurred: Do you actually read these before you copy them? Because you and your site suck.
  • In Spain, the teams got a chance to pull out the most popular word in The Amazing Race Phrasebook: Rapido. At least it’s actually a Spanish word.
  • Tyler explained his team’s strategy, which involved following the blondes around: “We’re going to tail them to the end and guarantee ourselves a spot in the final three. Love it.”
  • Ordering a cab, Rob said to his girlfriend, “Kimberly, go ask that guy on the phone. Just go talk to him, babe. Flirt. Use your sexuality.” Sell your body if you can, because you could use the extra cash.
  • Rob and Kimberly’s attitude is apparently contagious. Karlyn has been getting increasingly bitchy, telling Lyn, “Whatever,” when Lyn talked to her about getting a cab. “We’re not going to work together, we may as well go home,” Lyn said.
  • Introducing the Detour, Phil said one of those lines that makes perfect sense in context, but sounds utterly ridiculous later: “Once they become a giant, they must walk more than a mile among city streets.”
  • Best. Detour. Ever. While Dustin and Kandice wandered the streets of Barcelona dressed in giant costumes, Rob and Kimberly had to search through a pile of tomatoes, during which they had a meltdown–and a crowd of people threw tomatoes at them! It’s like we got to participate in the task. Kimberly gave up, ran away, and Rob screamed, “Way to cry. I can’t believe you, just because you’re getting hit by a couple of tomatoes.” But they went back, and many people continued to bean Kimberly on the head with tomatoes; tragically, no one hit Rob in the teeth.
  • In a race first, a teammate behaving badly apologized for her actions. “It’s just the stress that gets to you, and I don’t handle it well,” Karlyn told Lyn. “And I apologize for that.”
  • After checking in first, Rob started crying, saying “It would just mean a lot to me to win.” Then he finished the sentence by saying, “I want to win a million dollars for a start at a family with this amazing woman. I want to marry her. It would be a start to a life together.” The tragic thing about this speech, besides the fact that it totally worked on Kimberly even though Rob’s an ass, is that it seemed designed to soften us–in preparation for a Rob and Kimberly win next week?
  • “Congratulations, you are the first all-female team to make it into the final three in the history of The Amazing Race,” Phil told Lyn and Karlyn. That’s great for them, but kind of sad that it took 10 seasons for that to happen.
  • As it turned out, the blondes checked in last, so their 30-minute penalty didn’t even apply. They said something about hoping to have excised the stereotype about pageant girls adjusting their tiaras, but I was too busy lamenting the loss of their

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