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Raj loses his campaign for Congress after accusing his opponent of performing abortions without women’s permission

Apprentice 2 candidate Raj Bhakta was fired by Donald Trump, and voters in Pennsylvania decided they didn’t want him to represent them, either. He lost his bid for a seat in the House of Representatives by a huge margin. With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Republican Raj had received 73,443 votes, or 34 percent, while the incumbent, Democrat Allyson Schwartz received 143,109 votes, or 66 percent.

As usual, Raj was delusional about his loss. “Victory can be defined in many ways. Victory here is the victory of a young, vibrant, dynamic campaign fighting against a powerful anti-Republican tide,” he said, and then vaguely threatened the world: “Now is the time to pull back, to review the field and determine where we shall strike next.”

As part of his campaign, during which it was revealed Raj had been arrested twice for drunk driving, Raj accused his opponent of performing abortions without the patient’s permission, although Schwartz is not a doctor. In a recorded call to voters, a crying woman said, “I had an abortion performed on me. … The truth is that 18 lawsuits have been filed against Miss Allyson Schwartz’s clinic, including assault, battery, negligence, perforated bowels and uteruses, and even abortions performed without consent of her patients.”

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Raj’s opponent “Schwartz isn’t a physician, but 18 years ago she was director of the Elizabeth Blackwell Clinic, which Schwartz co-founded in 1975 and which performed abortions and other services.” Raj defended the call and admitted his campaign paid for it.

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