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Bianca Ryan’s record released Tuesday, when her “media blitz” begins

America’s Got Talent‘s first-season winner, Bianca Ryan, releases her self-titled debut album today. She’s 12. It’s okay to hate her a little.

Although she’s not yet a teenager, she’s already learning how to be a media whore. Her “media blitz” will find her “[a]ppearing on Today, Ellen DeGeneres and The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and later “on Megan Mullally and Martha Stewart.” In addition, she’ll “appear in Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving parade, a Patti LaBelle Christmas special on BET, and the Disney Christmas parade,” according to the Philadelphia Enquirer. Last Friday, she “[met] with executives from McDonald’s, who are considering her for a kiddie promotion.”

She’s also taking “sixth-grade classes at School Lane Charter School in Bensalem.” Despite that, her dad says she does “not get frazzled” by any of this. At meetings with executives, “She sits there, and they’re all excited, and she’ll say, ‘That sounds nice,'” he tells the paper.

One of her Columbia records handlers says, “What I love about Bianca is that she is a normal preteen girl. I’ve worked with several artists who were young, and she’s not the overly prepped performer… . She’s down to earth, a little bit shy. But when you get in there, she’s really funny.”

Bianca’s big week begins [Philadelphia Inquirer]

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