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Top Model found A.J. through MySpace and asked her to try out

A.J. was eliminated by the judging panel on Top Model 7 last week because they didn’t think she desired to be a model, despite the amazing photos she kept producing. But there’s a good reason for that: A.J. tells TV Guide that she “wasn’t looking to become America’s Next Top Model. If I did, it’d be cool, but I also knew in my heart of hearts that there was no freakin’ way.”

More significantly, she says she didn’t even try out for the show on her own. Instead, she says, producers “contacted me [through my site] and asked me to try out, having no previous modeling experience and never even having watched the show before, and I decided to do it.”

While she understands the judges’ decision — “I can understand why they’d want to give the prize to a girl who has watched every season and has wanted to be a model ever since she could wear high heels” — she says she’s not giving up modeling. “I’m going to see if maybe I can begin a modeling career, see if there are any options for me, and if there are, I’m going to take it up. I think it’ll be fun.”

A.J. was eliminated the week that viewers voted her their favorite model, which she says is “ironic as hell.” But she says she’s been expecting this. “I knew there was going to be a huge backlash. People told me all the time that I was their favorite. … And from what I hear, there’s some outrage going on right now, which is funny and flattering. I like that.”

America’s Next Top Model’s A.J.: Janice Didn’t Scare M [TV Guide]

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