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Teams react bitterly to not being selected for Amazing Race All-Stars

At least two past Amazing Race teams have confirmed that there will be an all-star season that’s starting production soon, and they’ve done so because they’re pissed off that they weren’t chosen to compete. BJ and Tyler, and Chip and Kim are the teams in question, and their complaints make them come across as petty, smug, immature crybaby losers, even the ones who actually won their seasons. It’s embarassing and pathetic: These two teams have already had one shot at this chance in a lifetime and actually won, yet they’re mad they don’t get to do it all again.

Chip and Kim, winners of Amazing Race 5, have posted a video blog on their MySpace page that rips the producers for ignoring them. Chip says, “to be completely forgotten by CBS and the decision-makers, who are definitely doing The Amazing Race all-stars, it doesn’t feel good. We could have been contacted.” Kim says it “would have probably been a fairer process” if fans were able to vote for the teams who are participating.

Chip says they know “at least half the teams [that were selected], but we will not break their confidence.” He does say, however, that Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller were not selected, nor were season one winners Rob and Brennan.

Kim and others are also complaining on their blog, where the racers are supposed to be discussing the current season, not congratulating themselves. The winner of Amazing Race 9, BJ, writes, “trust me, if they were doing that [an all-star version], they would contact us. We were the most well-liked team ever to compete on the Race, as shown by CBS’s own website. … We were the most winningest winners ever to win. I imagine they’d do something like they did with Big Brother, and let the fans vote on which teams they’d like to see compete. That would be the smart thing to do; better than casting fighting couples again.”

The only voice of dissent seems to be Andrew, who points out that, if there was a vote, “everyone is going to know who to look for in airports and such creating too many spoliers.” He more convincingly disputes BJ’s arrogant statement by writing, “‘Winningest team ever’ BJ? Sure you were popular BJ, but look at your compeition. Obnoxious arrogant models and ‘fight a lot’ Ray and Yolanda. … But I’d be the most popular team racing against Stalin and Hitler too.”

Update: As of noon ET, Chip and Kim’s video “video has been deleted by the user,” perhaps because the soundtrack to their bitching was the theme song to the show. However, all the blog entries remain, at least for now.

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