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The Amazing Race 10 changes the rules at its first non-elimination pit stop

I don’t know what the problem is with this “football” being incapable of ending on time, but having now tuned in to The Amazing Race 10 twice, now, only to find 60 Minutes on instead, I’m getting annoyed. Whatever games you are playing, football, enough is enough. Anyway, on to this week’s race highlights:

  • “Running this race is a metaphor for a life together,” Rob said, deciding that meant he and Kimberly just need to relax, not, say, break up.
  • Riding on a train, Tyler gazed out the window a little to wistfully and said, “We just saw guys shooting dope … I remember those days.” By the way, has there been an episode where James and Tyler have not reminded us that they used to be strung out junkies? This is getting just a little too Very Special Episodey for me; I keep thinking the repeated focus on their story means they’re going to be eliminated.
  • It was crazy homemade t-shirt day; CafePress, what have you wrought? David and Mary were wearing shirts with pictures of their kids, while Erwin and Godwin were wearing matching green ringer t-shirts that had pictures of Phil underneath the word LOST and said, “Reward: Bushel of Kiwis.” At the pit stop, Phil said, “That really is an ugly shot of me,” probably because it did not include his best feature, his package.
  • Godwin pulled out a fake cell phone out of his bag-o’-kids’ toys and made a fake call to a nonexistent travel agent just to psyche out the other teams, and it totally worked on Peter. However, it worked so well that, while Godwin laughed, Peter borrowed someone’s real phone and made a real call. Didn’t really think that one through, did they?
  • Peter was smart in that moment, but otherwise, the guy was his usual self. I hate this word, but there is no other word that works: Peter is the biggest douchebag to ever run this race. It’s not really his constant insistence that Sarah, who’s running with an artificial leg that’s leaking, hurry or climb over a brick wall faster, but just his general demeanor. He thinks he’s the coolest cat ever, even when he’s talking with his mouth full and smirking while Sarah is crying. Douche.
  • The mini-cliffhangers need to stop. Right before the break, it looked like Mary and David were going to miss a flight and be hours behind everyone; after the break, miraculously, they got on a good flight. I complained about this last season; it actually kills the tension, since we know that whatever is happening will soon change for the better.
  • Karlyn liked India because “the people have a little bit more substance to their bodies.” She told us that, in Vietnam, she and Lyn were the targets of “pointing and stares. … Okay, you never seen somebody with a little bit extra body fat?”
  • David and Mary were hours behind arriving at the pit stop, but they were saved by the first non-elimination leg. And we learned that the producers have, hallelujah, changed the non-elimination rules. “Unlike in past races, you get to hold on to all your possessions and money,” Phil told them. (No more obnoxious begging!) However, he introduced a new rule, saying they were “marked for elimination,” which sounded kind of like snipers would be shooting at them during the next leg. But since this isn’t a FOX reality show, as Phil explained, “If you do not arrive at the pit stop first in the next leg, then you will incur a 30-minute penalty.” Should be interesting to watch that play out.

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