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Project Runway 3 ends tonight and Top Chef 2 begins

Tonight, Bravo ends the third season of its most popular series, Project Runway, and debuts the first episode of the second season of that show’s heir, Top Chef.

First, we’ll find out whether or not Jeffrey gets kicked off the series for breaking the rules, and then we’ll see whose collection earns them this season’s prizes as Project Runway 3 concludes at 10 p.m. ET. Twelve hours earlier, at 10 a.m., the entire season will be rebroadcast in a marathon. It will not, however, include the cable news network-style ticker of viewer comments that accompanied last night’s mini-marathon.

Immediately afterward, at 11:01 (yes, even Bravo is doing that annoying-ass, pointless, make-the-show-a-minute-longer, fuck-with-DVR-users thing), Top Chef 2 will debut, introducing us to the series’ new cast and new host. Although it’s moving to L.A. from San Francisco, the structure of the show will be the same, and Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons will both judge again.

One addition to the series will take place online: Three minute webisodes featuring Lee Anne Wong from season one will be available starting every Thursday and will feature Lee Anne demonstrating the winning chef’s recipe from the previous night’s episode. While that sounds like a great idea, Bravo has decided to give it an unfortunate name: “Top Recipe: The Wong Way To Cook.” Oh, Bravo, you and your silly-ass puns.

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