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David Bromstad’s HGTV series may be “a color show”

David Bromstad’s HGTV series may be “a color show”
David Bromstad (Photo by HGTV)

Today, HGTV’s Design Star winner David Bromstad begins filming the four-episode series that will follow him as he works to develop the prize he won: a 13-episode series on HGTV.

I spoke to him yesterday, and he told reality blurred that his show, which will air next spring, might be “a color show” that’s a “newer, fresher take” than the one other color-themed show HGTV currently airs. Redecorating rooms and working on projects as part of the series, he would “show how to use color and not be afraid of it.”

David said the network executives “want to play to my strengths but I think they also want to fill gaps” in their programming.

He also admitted to being a reality show fan, watching such shows as America’s Next Top Model, Top Chef, and Project Runway, which he says is “probably my favorite.”

Those talent-based series, he said, are now thriving because “when you base a show on talent, it’s really exciting. And you get to see a lot of freaky people.”

He also admitted to watching Big Brother 7, and said he, too, was not happy with Mike Boogie’s win. “He played the game really well, but he’s such a slimeball!” David said.

As to how he was portrayed on his show, he said the editors “did a good job” and showed “everyone as very true to themselves,” although Vanessa “got kind of the raw end of the deal” because they focused more on her.

He also insisted that his on-screen persona is not like his home life. “I’m a weirdo,” he said. “I’m a very quiet person when I’m not working. All i really do is go to the beach; I stay home, I don’t go out. I’m kind of a homebody. But when I’m around people, i think i just thrive around people, they give me so much energy.”

David also said that he “would love to be involved” in season two of the show, perhaps as a guest judge. He said he’d be “really disappointed if I couldn’t get in there.”


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