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Danielle and George evicted as Big Brother 7 does a week in one live, dreadful hour

On Tuesday, Big Brother 7 will evict yet another houseguest, the third in less than a week, and that person will be Janelle. At least, that’s my prediction, because after last night’s live episode and Janelle’s error in judgment has sealed her fate.

Julie Chen said that the episode, in which they “play[ed] a full week’s game,” was “a roller coaster ride for the houseguests.” Sadly, it was not so for viewers; instead, it was full of awkward pauses, inaudible conversations about strategy, and zero tension. Once again, the producers have done a fantastic job of turning something potentially interesting into something rather boring.

After Danielle was evicted (surprise, surprise), Janelle won Head of Household. Again. She then nominated George and Erika, and Erika proceeded to win the veto. She put Boogie up in Erika’s place. Since only Will and Erika could vote, they were, of course, keeping Boogie, and George walked out the door, where he met Julie Chen and Colonel Sanders, and I wish I was making that last part up.

Because she won the fast HOH, Janelle cannot become HOH for this next eviction. And I can’t imagine any scenario under which Mike, Will, or Erika would not evict Janelle, because she can beat all three of them, although she’d face the most serious competition in the final two against Will. I hope I’m wrong, but by not evicting a member of Chill Town, or at least trying, Janelle has settled for fourth place. (Addendum: Janelle certainly could win the veto and make it to the final three, but that’s probably her only ticket there.)

The most amusing part of the whole episode was the conversation the houseguests had after George left. “There’s still a lot of time left,” Will said. “Is someone coming back? There’s a lot of time left.” Janelle said, “There’s two weeks left,” but Will insisted, “There’s a lot more than two weeks left.” Alas, being isolated from the media, they have no idea that the show is ending earlier than usual, one week from Tuesday.

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