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Kaysar says he was “burnt out” going into the all-stars house

Kaysar gives his requisite post-eviction interview with TV Guide, which he’s probably quite familiar with now, since he was just evicted for the third time.

He talks openly about his readiness to play the game, saying of his year away from the show, “I don’t know if a year was enough. I feel as though people who had more time to decompress, get back into their lives, forget about the experience and come back fresh, really had the advantage. I was a little burnt out.” That feeling, Kaysar said, lead to his lack of action in the house, his strategy to just sit back and nominate the floaters.

“That’s why I don’t know if I was ready to make a big move. I was kind of just laying low and waiting to see what would happen,” Kaysar says. “I knew the latter part of the game was going to be more aggressive and is what we were waiting for, but unfortunately I got the short end of the stick this week.”

Despite the fact that, when Julie Chen told him about James’ duplicity, Kaysar’s mouth dropped and his tongue rolled out across the floor like in a cartoon, he now says he “wasn’t shocked. I was calling it out already to Mike Boogie and Erika, saying that Danielle is looking for a sleeper, someone embedded that she could carry. I was waiting for her to pick someone out and I knew James was a likely candidate and that it was only a matter of time.”

Alas, that time came before Kaysar was able to gather the strength to do anything about it, and thus he’s left talking about the events in the house from outside its doors. “I was hoping that Danielle goes next, because I thought she was up to something and clearly she is,” he tells TV Guide. “It is getting really sticky, but if Janelle can pull off something where she can change the dynamic of the house again in her favor, that would be for the best.”

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