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Kelly Clarkson gets “hammered” on stage at a Metal Skool concert

Kelly Clarkson, the first and, really, the only American Idol, went to a Metal Skool concert Monday. There, she didn’t behave like the demure Texan we know and love. Instead, as Access Hollywood reports, “the world was introduced to the new Kelly,” as she “gets crazy.”

These are euphemisms for “being drunk off her ass,” and it’s odd that Access Hollywood is stepping around that, considering that in one of their two video clips, Kelly climbs on stage and chugs whiskey from a bottle.

At the concert, Kelly was in the crowd, when the lead singer noticed that she was in the audience. “You’re a pretty big star, so it’s gonna be fun. Come on up,” the he tells her. On stage, he explains why she’s there. “Under the circumstances of us needing a major fucking recording contract, we have to suck up to fucking stars like this,” he says. “There’s only one reason why a star of her caliber comes to a Metal K. It’s to make her image more fuckin’ edgy, dude.”

Someone brings over a bottle of whiskey, and she starts to chug it with the lead singer of Yellowcard, Ryan Key, and then runs around the stage with the bottle still in her hand before peeling off her outer shirt, revealing just a plain white shirt. She then sings a word, basically, and the Metal Skool guy says, “Kelly, you are hammered, because that was not the key I sang.”

In the second video, Kelly feels up Ryan Key as she’s dancing around him, sings Sweet Child O’ Mine with the everyone on stage, and plays some air guitar. Even when “hammered,” Kelly can sing. Simon Cowell must be very proud.

Access Exclusive: Kelly Clarkson Gets Crazy! [Access Hollywood]

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