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Kaysar’s nominations may prove he was a one-hit wonder

It’s very nice of CBS to offer episodes of its shows online; it’s just too bad they’re hard to watch. As I tried to catch up, even on a high-speed connection, the image disappeared; sometimes the image jerked while the audio continued; the pause and other controls on the player didn’t work; sometimes the player searched for a connection endlessly. It was basically like 1999 again.

In any case, I finally made it through Sunday’s episode, which was mostly uneventful. The first food challenge brought a new punishment food (“slop”; PB&J has been retired) that, coincidentally, the houseguests had to stick their heads into in order to win real food for the week. Kaysar is the new HOH, and way too much time was spent showing us his new HOH room. “The decor is completely different … it’s amazing,” he said.

No, what’s amazing is that this is the seventh season and we’re still having HOH bedroom segments to fill time. Later, Kaysar and Erika talked about love. Dr. Will was actually, and apparently non-ironically, wearing a shirt that said “Chill Town.” And this season is officially boring.

There was one interesting revelation: Erika admitted that she dated Josh from season one, and said “it’s been hard” and “horrible. … Maybe it was the wrong relationship for me,” she said. You think?

When it came time for nominations, many expected Kaysar to nominate Will and others. “I’m probably going to get nominated,” Will said. But he wasn’t, as Kaysar nominated Diane and Nakomis. Now, Nakomis is certainly smart(er than her brother), and anyone who wants to win will have to deal with her at some point. But in week two? What about Dr. Will? Mike Boogie? Danielle? Jase?

“I want to get the biggest bang for my buck,” Kaysar said, and said he wanted a “percussion blow.” Alas, dude, you tore your dollar into tiny little pieces and scattered them around, and all you got was basically a weak fart.

Hell, even Mike Boogie said it was a “major, major mistake” not to nominate both himself and Will. Kaysar initially said he was concerned that Chill Town would “aggressively come after us” if he nominated them. Later, he told Boogie and Will that he wanted to “weed out some of the stragglers.” Since when did Kaysar make strategic decisions based upon minimizing conflict or targeting the weakest players?

Perhaps it was after he gave up the HOH competition last season and proved he wasn’t really a good player after all. And that seems to be what we’re left with: Kaysar’s a nice guy who brilliantly broke up the dominant alliance last season, but since then he’s done nothing but choke.

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