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Apprentice 6 candidates reportedly performed halftime infomercial at LA Galaxy game

The Los Angeles-set Apprentice 6 is now taping in LA, and an early report suggests they’re not doing much to hide their presence.

At the Los Angeles Galaxy major league soccer game Saturday night, fans were treated to a halftime show apparently presented by the candidates. The show was reportedly sponsored by GNC, and each of the two teams had to present a brief halftime show that was, naturally, a commercial for the sponsor.

It was not well received. One poster on the BigSoccer forum wrote, “That was a new low for the franchise. Anyone else disgusted by that?” Fans in attendance report such poor audience reaction that some audience members apparently refused to vote for a “winner.” sportsfan-quakes gives the details:

“GNC had two ‘Skits’ which were shown on the field, each lasted about 4-5 minutes. The first one was supposed to show ‘Joe Normal’ guy in a boxing or wrestling rink, running out of energy to fight, and then he gets some kind of help from GNC supplements and all of a sudden he wins his match. Whoever the announcer was had to try to get the fans to chant ‘Go GNC’ or something like that. We thought that was pretty bad, but then they brought out a second skit.

This one had people in outfits that were like GNC supplement bottles, and they had an obstacle course that was supposed to show how the GNC supplements could help you go faster or something. Then there was a point where the people/supplements were running through a blocked artery or something. But the worst part of the second skit was that the two girls/women who were announcing had the most earsplitting, shrieky voices you can imagine. It was sheer torture just listening to them.

Then, at the end the fans were supposed to hold up a colored card to indicate which team/skit was better. Everyone was so disgusted that they didn’t vote. So if this was a contest for the Apprentice, they’ll have to do some really creative editing to show any of it and not make everyone look like fools (unless that was the intent).”

What the hell was that half time show/commercial [BigSoccer]

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