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Taylor Hicks is People’s hottest bachelor; Ace Young, Ryan Seacrest are also listed

Taylor Hicks has been named the hottest bachelor in the country by People magazine, leading a list that includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Foxx, and Nick Lachey. Also included among the 50 bachelors are Ace Young and Ryan Seacrest. None of the bachelors are ranked except Taylor, who’s in the number one spot, which ought to lead to some feelings of inferiority, from those who were included and those male American Idol 5 finalists who were snubbed, like Kevin Kovais.

Even though he’s currently unattached, Taylor has his eyes on a mystery woman he saw on an airplane. “We waved and did a double-take look. It seemed like something out of a movie,” he said.
To help him out, People “has set up e-mail and mailing addresses for the mystery woman to contact Hicks,” according to the AP.

When he wasn’t a bachelor, back in high school, he went to prom with Taylor Brooke Kelley, and wore a “navy plaid” tux. His date says he “was the center of attention” even then, in part because he did that seizure/dance thing he does. She tells People, “(Taylor) was such a good dancer. He did what he called the ‘Carlton Dance,’ from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Hottest Bachelors 2006 and Bachelor No. 1: Taylor Hicks’s Prom Date Reminisces [People]
Hicks tops People’s ‘hot bachelor’ list [AP]

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