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Real World Austin house still being converted

Having just arrived in Austin, I checked into my hotel, walked outside, and realized that I’d accidentally booked myself into a hotel that’s essentially across the street from The Real World Austin house, which was first revealed to the world last January, after reality blurred revealed the show was coming to the city. It’s impossible to escape reality television.

What’s even more surprising to me know, actually looking at the house, is how exposed and visible it is. It’s surrounded by hotels and basically next door to the Austin Convention Center, which among other things, hosts SXSW this time of year. When I walked past last night, there were two people staring through the windows, and a group of people on the street looking at the building.

As The Daily Texan reported last July, the building was leased to a restaurant and company. More than half a year later, the company, Thomas Reprographics, has apparently occupied its space. Its co-tenant, however, the Rio Grande restaurant, is still under construction. Must take a long time to hose off those walls.

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