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E-mail allegedly from Travis’ brother-in-law says Travis and Sarah have broken up

The fact that Travis and Sarah have completely disappeared from planet is probably the best evidence that their relationship didn’t survive in the post-Bachelor months, but now there’s even more unsubstantiated gossip that suggests the two are over.

In the comments section of The Bachelor Recaps blog, an anonymous user has posted what is alleged to be a forwarded (red flag) e.mail (flag) from Travis’ brother-in-law (flag flag flag). It’s full of details, like the fact that Sarah and Travis are going hiking together and ABC wanted to film it, but also full of more red flags, like the lack of attributions.

In any case, here’s the message, in which the writer alleges that Travis now wishes he’d stuck with Susan and Jehan:

>Before anyone gets all excited…yes, Travis did pick Sarah, BUT NO
>they aren’t still together. Kind of a bummer after the episode last night.
>Apparently they talk almost everyday still, but it’s platonic. She
>might even be dating one of the Tennessee Titan football players now.
>She has gone to like every single charity and socialite function in
>Tennessee since the show has been over. That is not Travis’ kind of
>deal at all. she wants to soak up the lime light of the show’s
>aftermath and Trav just wants it to be over.
>Haha…he was wasted last night. he watched the show with a bunch of
>his buddies.
>He isn’t going on any of the talk shows b/c they aren’t together. ABC
>doesn’t want him to because of that.
>Andrea was definately pulling for Sarah…she knew she won. But, she
>was suprisingly upset (crying even) during the scene when he let Moana
>go. After meeting her, she actually really liked her.
>Get this, Andrea said that Travis said…if he were to do it all over
>again….two girls he would have held on to would be Susan and get
>this, Jehan.
>ABC buys the ring that he gave to her. She gets to keep it no matter
>what!! Sarah and Travis are going hiking together today. ABC offered
>Travis $20K just to film them while they go hiking. He turned it down.
>Jeezz….take the money!!!

comments: “The Final Rose” [Bachelor Recaps]

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