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Contender 2 moves to July; Manfredo felt “ripped off” but will fight again Sunday

ESPN has bumped The Contender 2‘s debut to July from April, when it was originally scheduled to debut.

This Sunday, however, the network will present a special event entitled “East Coast Pride,” a fight between Peter Manfredo, Jr., and Scott Pemberton. The fight will air live from Providence, Manfredo’s home base, at 9:30 p.m. ET.

Manfredo tells the Providence Journal that, although he’s now lost two show-related fights, he’s not unhappy. “I lost but I won, too. Now the producers of the show are letting me call the shots and I was able to bring the show to Providence. I have to thank the people of The Contender for that, and they got me the publicity and got my name out there.” The $250,000 he won probably didn’t hurt, either.

Still, he’s fighting Sunday in part to prove that he’s better than Sergio Mora, who defeated him twice. “After the second Sergio fight, I felt ripped off and I want to prove to The Contender and to the world that I’m a true contender. That’s why I’m taking this step up. Scottie is better than Sergio, and when I win, I’ll prove that I’m the true contender. I am going to do whatever it takes to win this fight,” he told the paper.

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