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Apprentice loser Tana now selling the Bedazzler

A few weeks ago, I heard from some Canadian readers that they’d spotted The Apprentice 3 candidate Tana on an infomercial for a product Tana mentioned on her show: The Bedazzler. During one episode, Tana insisted her team find one so they could cover t-shirts with rhinestones; they ended up traveling more than an hour away to Staten Island to buy a Bedazzler. As hard as it is to believe, the readers reported that Tana is now a spokesperson for the product and whoring for it on television.

Now we have proof that our Canadian friends weren’t just teasing us with this news: The Bedazzler’s web site now includes the infomercial. The video starts with this amazing line: “Remember me? I’m Tana, from national television.” Then Tana, who apparently couldn’t get permission from the Apprentice‘s overlords to use the show’s name, she brags that she “searched all over New York to find just one Bedazzler.” Later, she tells us, “I’m still known as the bedazzling queen.”

On the web site, in a cartoon bubble, Tana says, “I made $10,000 in 2 weeks with my first Bedazzler!” Apparently they didn’t have room in the bubble for the rest of her thought: “I can’t believe I have to do this to make a living. Kendra, you bitch.”

The Original Bedazzler

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